Cop Gard Securite has a great understanding of the market and we have catered a range of adaptable and comprehensible services to meet the ever-changing demands in the security sector.  Our operations’ teams are available 24/7 to ensure that you receiving the complete service you deserve and peace of mind.

We remain the best choice for Total Security Solutions and committed in providing excellent customer service, backed with professional team and dedicated personnel at all levels.

Residential Services

At Cop Gard Securite, we provide a range of security service to ensure residents are safe at home. Thanks to the professional acumen,

reliability and convenience that our residential security solutions offer you. We currently supply residential and home security staff to various estates and complexes. Our residential service includes the following services:
• Physical access & control guards
• Foot patrol services
• Home alarm systems
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Banking Services

Cop Gard Securite is providing security services to a large number of banks, financial institutions the Republic of Chad.

Having largest national network Cop Gard Securite offers to accept security and allied services to any bank/ financial institutions anywhere in the Chad.
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Commercial Services

Cop Gard Securite offers optimum security for commercial and office buildings across N’djamena and other cities. The commercial

properties consist of many stakeholders who have individual needs. Employees, customers, visitors, property managers, facility managers and others – all have different sets of needs in terms of security. Moreover, being the experts of commercial security in Chad, we cater to each of these requirements. We take the pledge of keeping you safe from theft, loiterers, vandalism and any other security risks.
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Cash in Transit Security

If your business relies on day to day cash, Cop Gard Securite has special service that can handle this matter,

knowing the importance of getting it from A to B.From the moment we touch your cash it’s our responsibility. There’s no risk to you and there’s no need to put employees at risk by asking them to carry cash to the bank.  The key offerings within the cash services are:

  • ATM replenishment: Involves providing cash replenishment and first-line maintenance services for the ATM networks of banks.
  • Cash-In-Transit (CIT): Involves movement of cash and high value items within a bank’s branch network.
  • Cash Pickup and Delivery (CPD): Involves secure pickup and delivery of cash and cheques for large corporate houses and their business outlets

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Airport Security

At Cop Gard Securite, security is our main and top priorities. We are to provide high security check in the entire airport

starting from traveler arrival to the airline’s gate.  Cop Gard Securite team is able to provide and compliance with the requirements of the civil aviation authority, ensure the safety and security of passengers, crews, employees, public, aircraft and airport facilities against unlawful interference in the ground or in flights.
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Video Monitoring

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