Cop Gard Securite is a private Security company created in (1995) by Mr. Khamis Ahmat based in the hard of Ndjamena, Capital of the Chad. We have the capacity and manpower to operate throughout Ndjamena and other cities. We were the first Private security company in Chad and we express our support empowering the Chadian’s local market to help reducing the unemployment.

As a leading security company, we act as an ambassador for Chadian to various industries. Cop Gard Securite operates a stringent process recruiting only the finest personal whom have an experience proven with highest levels of training and standard.

We Cop Gard Securite operate and will continue operating as equal opportunities policy and strictly adhering to the data protection act.

Company registration is (…………)


Our mission at Cop Gard Securite is to provide protection and security to our clients through a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs, ultimately the safety and security of the client’s staff, premises, assets and the general public is our highest priority.


Cop Gard Securite vision is to provide superior security services by putting the client first; maintaining clear, continuous communication; and remaining true to our guiding principles:

• Honesty towards our clients,
• Employees
• Vendors
• Partners