First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work since the opening of the Cop Gard. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to address you all in what will be my first occasion here as leader of this prestigious organization.

Without doubt, we have a great team at Cop Gard Securite and I am excited to build upon that team as we continue to develop and make the company the first security group with high services as it was in the beginning. As you all aware in this difficult moment and competition we are facing, we need to take a drastic measures to address those obstacles. The new Management team with your support will do the impossible to solve all the problems.

Our new plan and approach are clear and constant which give employee the resources they need and continue to carry their duties to the high level. In fact, the new management team will allow each of you to have their input in the organization.   Cop Gard Securite is open to your advice, suggestions and more over all complaint and criticisms will be dealt with accordingly; allowing the company to have safe and efficient work environment.

I have the full confidence that together, will show the same commitments to the company as you did before to achieve our comment goals.

You can count on the new management for assisting you.

Thank you all